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Poised Imagery Media Production Company is solely owned and managed by veterans of the US Military. Each area of production has finely tuned elements that can on their own meet your needs or be incorporated together to achieve what you are seeking.


We have been in business since 1994 expanding from a consulting firm to a full service media production agency. Achieving success of each specialty before adding the next to our selection of services.


Starting with his love of photography at 8, Maverick A. Bolen was winning awards and contests by the age of 16 and was published in architectural and landscaping magazines. He became interested in putting people into his work during his time in the Army. Leaving this as a hobby until getting out of the service at 21 where he began putting images on film and selling them under the name Poised Imagery (now Poised Imagery Meaningful Photography For You) and leaving Bolen Consulting as the parent company.


While still working on photography, but not quite making a living at it, he began supplementing his income with graphic and web design in 1996. Customers would routinely ask Maverick to include models into the photos placed on their web pages. Having to request models from other agencies became a drain on his time. With a partner who already owned an agency, he joined forces adding Poised Imagery Modeling and Promotional Talent Agency to his repertoire. When his partner retired he moved his agency to the Kansas City Metro.


The year 2005 brought the biggest changes to Poised Imagery when a prominent international restaurant chain hired him to produce promotional videos and do photography for their popular calendar. This experience gave Maverick the drive to work in the blooming Kansas City film industry as an actor and the link he needed into working with local directors and writers.  Poised Imagery Media Production Company and Poised Imagery Motion Picture Films was formed bringing Poised Imagery to a full service film and media company.




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